Manufacturing custom injection molds requires great attention and planning. Building an injection mold can take from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the build. During that time, there are specific steps that must occur in an organized and well-conceived manner for the project to move forward. Our project management team will develop a schedule based on the delivery requirements. Defining the scope and setting standards occurs during this planning process.  This strategy gives us the information necessary to keep a mold moving in a consistent manner.


Q Plas team, has successfully managed countless mold transfers. From one mold to many molds, we will inspect and evaluate your parts. As part of our tool-transfer process, we can provide full validation, including full first articles and DOE’s if requested. Our first article report includes information regarding any potential challenges to keep customers informed from the first shot. Customers are always welcome to be onsite as we uncrate and evaluate the molds or during the first run process.  Our objective is to get molds up and running quickly and cost effectively while keeping customers informed each step of the way.